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Shower curtain rod sales surge after Mimi sex tape leak

The shower curtain rod used in Mimi's sex tape sells out after trailer leaked.
The shower curtain rod used in Mimi's sex tape sells out after trailer leaked.
The Daily Dose/Twitter

Some of the more eye-popping scenes from Mimi's sex tape have caused sales for industrial strength shower curtain rods to surge. Retailers including Home Depot and Target are reporting a sharp increase in sales since the sex tape trailer was leaked. Some stores even sold out according to a Thursday report on TMZ.

A quick call to the local Home Depot revealed that they do carry the brand pictured. The Home Depot representative, when asked if they carry the "Mimi shower curtain rod" placed Examiner on hold to check. When he returned to the line he said, "All we carry is Glacier Bay." Do note the brand of shower curtain rod in the picture.

This sounds like it should be a joke but #mimishowerrod has turned into more than just a Twitter hash tag. Many social media users are taking to Twitter to show off their purchases or to inquire of the shower rods are available locally. Sales have soared and even the Home Depot in Portland, Ore. knew what we were talking about when asked.

The acrobatics displayed in Mimi and Nikko's sex tape have set off a trend of people looking to turn their bathroom into something more erotic. Let's just hope it doesn't also turn into a trend of head injuries and broken bones because bathtubs can be slippery and not everyone has great balance.

The rumors have been pouring in about how much Mimi got paid to make this tape public. As with any athlete though (and after seeing the trailer, we dare you not to call Mimi and athelete) the real profit is in the endorsements. Has Mimi contacted Home Depot yet to sign off on those shower curtain rods? If not, she certainly needs to get on the phone. She could put her picture on the shower curtain rod box and make a killing.