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Showcase your talents - know your strengths and weaknesses

Are you prepared to answer the question 'what are your strengths and weaknesses'? You need to be. It is one of the top five questions interviewers ask during the interview process. It's best to give two to three professional strengths and always back it up with examples. Here's a few tips to help you shine:

  • Illustrate your point, this helps to paint a picture and lets the interviewer envision you in the workplace doing that specific task.
  • Don't use the typical boring humdrum sayings such as 'I'm a hard worker.' Isn't everyone? And if you weren’t, would you really tell them otherwise? A good example is 'taking initiative. For example, ‘I redesigned our accounts receivable process which allowed for a quicker flow of income for the company.'
  • Turn an area of weakness into an area of improvement. Never say ‘I have poor time management skills’ and leave it at that. A good example is 'I struggled with time management when I was promote, doing my job as well as three employees. I worked with a mentor and prioritized tasks and utilized our in house technology in order to set up meetings and task reminders. This increased productivity and really allowed me to focus on career development for my staff.' has a great article with additional information on how to craft the best answers to this question.

By being ready to answer these questions and having clear examples, it allows you an opportunity to really highlight your talents and shine during the interview process.

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