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Show Up and Throw Up is a spontaneous art happening in downtown St. Petersburg

Show Up and Throw Up is a different kind of art show, a spontaneous event of fun, street and fine art in a mix that will result in anybody's guess. Held at the Oleson Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida, with live music, food, drinks and a DJ, this is a happening, an art show for artists, with no jury in sight. St. Petersburg is alive and thriving with art, and downtown is the place to be for artists, who are supporting one another in a scene that just keeps growing.

Aurailieus Artist creating a mural on the front of Oleson Gallery for Show Up and Throw Up art show. -
Aurailieus Artist creating a mural on the front of Oleson Gallery for Show Up and Throw Up art show. -
Aurailieus Artist
Show Up and Throw Up, mural for art show by Aurailieus Artist
Aurailieus Artist

This show is an open invitation for any and all artists, working in any style or medium. Artists are welcome to come to the gallery at any time between 1 pm and 7 pm on Saturday, January 18th, 2014, and grab the hammers, nails and name tags that are provided, to hang their own work anywhere they like. Then, at 7 pm, the show begins! Come and meet the artists that will be hanging out. This is about as informal as it gets, but it's a great idea, to create the excitement of a pot luck art show. Aurailieus Artist created a mural on the front of the gallery for the show. Live music will be provided by Goodnight Neverland, The Patients, and Mountain Holler, followed by an Oleson Gallery after party.

Show Up and Throw Up
Saturday, January 18, 2014
7 pm to 12 am
Oleson Gallery
685 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, Florida
(352) 346-8619
located at the historic Fountain and Restaurant next to State Theatre in St. Petersburg, FL
Event Page on Facebook

This gallery is located in the 600 Block on Central Avenue. Check out the 600 Block Web Site and Facebook Page.

Update: Conversation with James Oleson at the Oleson Gallery

John Taormina and James Oleson organized the show at The Oleson Gallery. James Oleson is an artist himself. He works in metal sculpture and he also paints. The large metal horse in front of the Dazzio Gallery on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg is Oleson's work. During the evening, he planned to spray paint a car behind the gallery, which he was taping off in preparation just before the show opened.

"I've had the gallery a couple of years, but in the last few months, we've started opening it up for shows," said Oleson. "We are about 5 or 6 shows in."

"The idea behind the show is that there are no restrictions," said James Oleson. "We hear about artists saying they can't get into galleries. This was open to everyone who wanted to come down to get involved."

"Aurailieus came up with the initial idea for the show. We all sit around together and make art on certain nights and come up with stuff, then we make it happen," he said.

"We want to meet new people in the community. I've met some people that I never knew before this show. We had no idea what the show was going to be, but there's so much energy here! This afternoon at 1:00 we had completely blank walls, and now look at it! Completely full. And the work looks good too," said Oleson.

In the slide show you will see art from the gallery. In the video, watch Mark Mitchell create a painting that is on display in the show. Art will be on exhibit until the show closing on February 8, 2014.

The next show coming up at Oleson Gallery is The Art of Women opening on Valentines Day. Participating Artists include:

Stephanie Siefken-Amare
Victoria Berrios
Tammy Berk
Virginia Boller
Sharon Britton
Jenipher Chandley
Dorothy Sabean-Davis
Coralette Damme
Nikki Devereux
D. G. Art Co.
Maria DiSclafani
Kristin Eschenroeder
Callie Ferraro
Naomi Glueck
Nikita Glueck
Carrie Jadus
Laura James
Jennifer Kosharek
Rebekah Lazaradis
Renee Little
Andrea Martin
Emily Miller
Laura Miller
Cindy Psynner
Tara Radosevich
Calan Ree
Dena Rae
Misa Reinersten
Sheree Rensel
Mishou Sanchez
Elena Sarn
Xina Scuderi
April Seelbach
Laura Spencer
Emily Stone
Kim Stone
Belleek Vickers
Juliana Vilamil
Cassandra Wahuhi
Lisa Deneka
Special Homecoming performance by Geri X
Also appearing Sugar Ransom
Sword Dancing by Zosa Pistola

DOORS OPEN at 7 pm (until 12 am) on February 14th, 2014, with food, drinks, candy and a DJ to greet you! $4 cover at the door for men only. Ladies are free.

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