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Show times on at Coronado TV

Coronado Unified School District
Coronado Unified School District
Local Coronado government-school media team at Coronado TV ribbon cutting, Tueday, May 20.

TV work done at a cheap rate began for Coronado HIgh School students last week. On Tuesday, May 20, Coronado TV production started up.

Shows covering city events on the island, and public service announcements, air on the Coronado government's channel. Students also produce and run TV programs.

The shows that feature students run the work local high school students filmed and edited.

City government television partnered with the Coronado Unified School District to set up the student's production shop and studio, and, tap into the local media talent. Students with raw talent get their start doing the creative work, and the groundwork, covering the local Coronado stories.

Their work stays on exhibit at Coronado TV.

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