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Show: The Seeers, Eternal Summers and The Mirrors at The Parlor On Granby

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be a good thing. I was reminded of that on a recent visit to The Parlor on Granby to see The Seeers, The Mirrors and the Roanoke band, Eternal Summers.

The Seeers
The Seeers
Beth Austin
Eternal Summers at The Parlor On Granby
Beth Austin


Warmly lit with what seems to be a hundred or more Edison bulbs dangling from the ceiling, The Parlor on Granby oozes funky urban charm. With couches and vintage looking furnishings strewn throughout the exposed brick structure, it has the vibe of a warehouse converted into someone's awesome living space. The result is cozy but with an industrial edge, which I’m a sucker for. Charming as the place is, I’m a hole-in-the-wall kind of girl, so it took me a second to get acclimated. As I was getting my bearings, I ran into my friend Matt. It was his first visit too and we shared a chuckle over how weird it was that our feet weren’t sticking to the floor. Oh, the newness...


First band up were The Seeers, formally known as Peak. I caught them months ago at the Taphouse in Norfolk and was totally impressed. Once again they had a killer set, proving that the Taphouse show wasn’t a fluke. With a sound that’s a mixture of 60’s garage/psychedelia, a touch of punk and a smattering of early 80’s jangle pop, the Seeers aren’t afraid of volume, fuzz or harmonies. Think of a party where Let’s Active (but with all dudes) meets early Who through mutual friends, the Clash.

Next up was my pleasant surprise of the night, Eternal Summers, the power trio from Roanoke, Virginia. Their sound is a good melding of fuzziness with plenty of pop jangle, creating a wall of sound that’s as easy to dance as to chill to. Think Lush listening to “Here And Now,” by Letters to Cleo while talking to Dum Dum Girls on the phone. I will definitely begin adding all of their releases including the new one, The Drop Beneath, to my music collection very soon. Eternal Summers are easily one of my top “new to me” bands of the year.

Closing the night were area favorites, The Mirrors, who I hadn’t seen in a while. Early into the first song, I was quickly reminded of just how much I enjoy this band. If you haven’t seen them, the best way I can describe their sound is this — smash together a Beatles flavored wad of gum and a Doors flavored wad of gum while listening to “It’s My Life” by The Animals. Then blow a dozen dandelions at it. Yeah, that’s close, I think.

Needless to say, it was a great night in unfamiliar territory. And by the end of it, my feet were sticking to the floor. Looks like I’ve found a new place.

Listen to The Seeers soon to be released single on Windian Records on Soundcloud.

Keep up with Eternal Summers on Facebook and check out all of their music on Bandcamp.

Check out The Mirrors on Facebook .

And be sure to check out The Parlor On Granby on Facebook.

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