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Show the one you run with some love

The Garmin 405 is the newest model of Garmins for runners.
The Garmin 405 is the newest model of Garmins for runners.

The Saucony Women's Grid Ignition 2 in Pink

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and everyone is scrounging for gift options to purchase for their significant other. There are some great options if the one you love is a runner as well!

One thing that runners' can never seem to get enough of is new running shoes. Replacing running shoes every 300 miles means getting new shoes frequently when training for longer races. Both males and females love the excitement of a first run in new shoes. Priced from $60 to $150, these are a great gift that any runner will appreciate.

There are millions of accessories to purchase for runners as well, including timing devices, clothes, socks and bags that can carry running gear. Picking out something that a runner would love is relatively easy and will be much appreciated. Here are some great accessories to research if you are looking for a gift for your special runner.

Garmin Forerunner: This is a timing device that is also connect to satellites to accurately track your distance and pace while running. A great training tool, Garmins can range from $100 to $300 dollars and can drastically improve training. Learn more about Garmin.

Nike Plus: A lesser expensive training device that works with a chip that goes inside a Nike shoe and connects to an iPod is the Nike Plus. Interaction with the Nike site can also be motivational but there have been complaints of the Plus being inaccurate after 10 miles. Nike Plus ranges from $20 to $30 dollars. Learn more about the Nike Plus.

iPod: An Apple iPod can be a motivational tool for any runner as well. Though some runners prefer to run without music, many love to pump up the jams while running and the ease of use and sleek design of the iPod fits their needs. There are multiple options for data storage and also different play list options you can set up through iTunes. iPods range from $59 to $199 and up pending on the storage and features. Learn more about iPods.

Sony Headphones: When running, some headphones have the tendency to slip out of the ear. Make sure your special one's don't with the Sony MDR-J10 headphones. They attach around the back of the ear for maximum fit and comfort and are relatively inexpensive, ranging from $9 to $15 dollars. Find a pair of Sony MDR-J10 headphones here.

There is always the options of picking out a new running outfit that would make your sweetheart stand out at their next race! Just make sure that you know their size and what types of materials they like to run in. Happy Valentine's Day shopping!


  • Melissa 5 years ago

    Love this post! Since the boy is away on business for the Hallmark-created holiday, I think I will treat myself to a new pair of sneakers. Happy V-day to me!

  • Kendall Ruth 5 years ago

    I 2nd that on new running shoes. I wish they grew on trees and could be gathered every few months like fruit.. sure would make life easier;)

  • Danica 5 years ago


    That was the best comment I may have ever received! So true, running shoes are so expensive but man, opening up a shoe box every time is like Christmas!

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