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Show some leg


Bare it all. Short skirts, smooth legs, and lots of skin set you in that “oh so sexy” category in the Miami dress-to-impress scene. Laser treatments being the latest and greatest trend spreading across SoFlo, I have a cheaper solution for you!

Everything in the form of lace, fishnets, and knee- highs. Oh have mercy, this just got interesting.

It sounds like a tribute to the skankies, and carries the potential of making you come across a bit risqué, yet it’s the look that can impress and make a basic, fake its value to the second power.

The Reason: The Season

Miami’s winter is basically over, and honestly I haven’t gotten enough of leggings. Frankly, Miami needs a splash of character that shakes up its short and sassy looks.

Lace and fishnets are perfect to spice up your legs, while not suffocating you in the smoldering humidity that is our spring. Itch free, they come in a ton of radiating colors, patters, and styles.

Getting it going:

When all else fails, turn to the stars. Celebrities have stylist that tell them what works and what doesn’t. Your best bet is to look up the celeb that most resembles your body type and check out how they work it.

From my experience, legs can be a touchy subject. Lack of pigmentation and thigh thickness tends to be an issue no one can kick. They’re yours, so why deprive yourself from trying something new? On the contrary, playing with leg-wear can create the illusion that your legs are toned, slimmer, even thicker, allowing you to pop on that high wasted skirt, shorts, and that classic 1980s inspired mini dress that somehow made its way back into our closets.

If you’re going for a crazy leg, the number one rule is to keep it simple! I can’t emphasize that enough. Never go crazy with colors, accessories, and patters. Mismatching doesn’t go well with fishnets and lace, although over matching, like Ms. Britney did at the Grammy’s, can also cause sirens to go off all the wrong reasons.

The beauty of bringing back fishnets, and lace leg-wear, is that it heightens a woman’s sense of femininity. I’ve taken liberal studies before, and I know to some that’s like petitioning to bring back the corset, but before you burn your bra, think about this. You can feel plain, as if no matter what you’re wearing you never stand out and lack that vote of confidence you see girls standing in line for the bathroom carrying around with them. Once you get a little sultry, with either nude, even black fishnets with the seam running up the back, if you dare, you want to work it. Heels get higher, legs get crossed and soon as you know it, your legs will become your best accessory.

Don’t let me dare you to try it as thigh that’s sexy, and no one has to know, unless you plan on it. Who doesn't want to look like a vintage pin-up? = Your #1 choice for pretty much anything you're willing to test out.


  • Jennifer Edelson 5 years ago

    Great article! Leggings are fantastic :)

  • Jdiddy 5 years ago

    I think Britney Looks great!...even though she's nuts!I do think you are a fantastic writer!

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