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Show review: The Grisly Hand, Oriole Post, and Parade Schedule at Czar Bar Jan.29

The Czar Bar is open until 3am every weekend.
The Czar Bar is open until 3am every weekend.
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The Czar Bar is a cozy little place located near the Power and Light District in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Last night three talented bands- The Oriole Post, The Grisly Hand (one of the best band names in Kansas City, hands down), and Louisville-based The Parade Schedule, put on a show well worth the seven dollar cover charge.

Owned by John Hulston from Anodyne Records, the Czar Bar has quickly become one of Kansas City’s premiere indie music venues since it opened in 2008. Last night’s show, which drew at least 60 people, is proof of this.

The Grisly Hand got things started at 10pm, and by then the place was already packed. They played an energetic set of folk-rock mixed with bluegrass. This six-piece has three singers, and they compliment each other very well.

Next up was The Parade Schedule, a band that has recently released a full length album on Kansas City’s The Record Machine. They are on tour supporting the album, and actually showed up late, creating an hour break between performances. The Parade Schedule sounds much like early Pedro the Lion. They played a mellow set that put much of the audience to sleep. While their recordings are good, their set really didn’t stand out much.

The final performance of the night was from the strongest band of the three. The Oriole Post often get compared to Nickel Creek, but last night they sounded more like Omaha-based band Bear Country, who will be coming to Lawrence on February 5th. As far as musicianship, the Oriole Post played an incredibly tight set. It was a great mix of roots rock and Americana. Unfortunately, by the time the band came up to play, much of the audience had left. 


  • Josh 5 years ago

    7 DOLLAR COVER CHARGE?? That is a crazy amount to charge! Good article Matty!

  • Brother Steve 5 years ago

    You are an awesome writer and awesome brother. That is all.

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