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Show Review Pt. 2: The Booty Green/ The Gatherers


Mark Campagna of the Booty Green.

Continued from Pt.1

Next up was The Gatherers (ex-Small Flightless Birds).  This was their third show, and the first with a live bassist.  The shiny new trio plays dark, dancy noise-tunes with the aid of lo-fi computer backing tracks and heavily affected vocals.  The set was engaging and got the people dancing, despite numerous crippling rhythm flubs.  Still, their self-described “robot-funk” sound is unique and, with a little more practice, they could be one of the better bands in Albuquerque.

Topping off the night, was the legendary Booty Green, the electronic project of Mark Campagna (The Mei Long, The Hollow Lines).  Mark is a fantastic entertainer, dancing energetically to his own brand of poppy electroclash crossed with some sort of video game music.  The set was short (clocking in at about fifteen minutes), but tight, and Mark’s new material seems more deliberate and controlled than his older stuff, which suits him well. 

Too bad there weren’t too many people left to dig it.  By this point it was getting late and the crowd had begun to thin out in between the bands.  Still, the night was a great example of the local demand for electro rock shows like this.

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