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Show review: DJ Nu-Mark

DJ Nu-Mark

Show Review: DJ Nu-Mark

Burt’s Tiki Lounge September 2nd, the legendary Jurassic 5 turntablist spun at our very own downtown bar's “vinyl and verses” night…for free. Some were skeptical this event could happen at all, but happen it did. To call the night a success or to say that Burt’s was packed would be a massive understatement; at one point it could take over a half hour just to get in the door, and making one’s way by the stage area required dexterity and a willing disregard for others’ space. Luckily, the Burt’s staff was up to the task and getting drinks was a surprisingly painless affair once you made it through the crowd.

The set itself was inspiring. Nu-Mark wove together a plethora of classic tracks with skillful scratching and quick but flawless transitions. He went through a few stylistic shifts, doing a Latin-beat section and then some reggae, but the extended encore was the highlight, packed with rock'n'soul swagger. It also helped that by then the PA was shaking, as the earlier part of the set seemed too quiet. It was a diverse crowd, not just hip-hop aficionados (if judging people’s tastes and scenes by their clothes is anything to go by), but everyone seemed to find something there to dig. And yes, he even spun a little J5. So if you missed the show, you should really be kicking yourself. Really, when’s the next time you’ll be able to see a world-class turntablist at Burt’s?


  • ChanStar 5 years ago

    the PA was not the only thing shakin' to tha beat, mayne!