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Show Report: Mother Falcon, Chief Rival, Hotel Hotel

The day before Thanksgiving was not the biggest night to go out that Austin has ever seen. Most sensible people were either traveling or at home resting their stomaches for the gluttony to come. Most, but not all.

Wednesday night was 101x Homegrown Live with Mother Falcon, Chief Rival and Hotel Hotel over at Mohawk. You wouldn't have known it was a Wednesday night (and certainly not the day before Thanksgiving) after walking into the place. The inside stage area was completely full with people spilling out into the bar, there to see Mother Falcon. This large group of classically trained students played a quiet set that enthralled the crowd.

Chief Rival took the stage next and we were able to squeeze closer to the stage. Granted, at this point it became apparant that almost everyone in the place had big black X's across the backs of their hands. Call this Examiner jaded but when he sees that the band and audience's average age is 19, he starts to lose hope (and talk about himself in the third person). The worries were completely unfounded. Chief Rival was amazing, with music only properly described as an electrical storm in the desert. Cheesy imagery sure, but it fit the rambling, enthralling rock sound.

Hotel Hotel took the clean-up spot and got rolling around 11pm. Another interesting ensemble with guitar, drums, a keyboard, and a violin. Their sound is ethereal, post-rock and without vocals. Sort of a This Will Destroy You without the strong emo overtones. It's a tough sound to describe, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. They will be playing on December 5th with Chief Rival and Persian Wars at Hole in the Wall. Check out pictures of the show from David Weaver of The A-List here.