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Show Report: Lotus and Evol Intent ACL afterparty


Ace's Lounge hosted a 2-night ACL afterparty with Lotus and Evol Intent. It was an odd pairing, but the large crowd didn't seem to mind. The afterparty rocked until 4 in the morning, with Lotus taking the stage around 1. Not that three-hour sets are rare for an electronic rock jam band...

People filtered in around 11, after Kings of Leon and Yeah Yeah Yeahs finished their duel as Friday night ACL co-headliners. G. King started off the night with his signature dubstep style, preparing everyone for a killer set by Evol Intent. Although Evol Intent was essentially three guys staring at laptops, the musical style was far from boring. They pulled out all the stops, laying down a massive set of glitched out drum n' bass. They could have used some help in the lighting department; the special lighting array sat idle, perhaps taking a breather before Lotus.

As the two-dollar Heinekens flowed and Evol Intent winded down, people turned their attention to the huge variety of musical equipment on stage. This consisted of a drum kit, guitars, a full hand-percussion set-up with multiple cymbals, four or more keyboards, and three sets of effects pedals per member. Lotus took the stage and immediately launched into a full on electronic jam. It was basically STS9 but on a smaller stage. Although Lotus almost exclusively plays instrumentals, the intricate and engaging songs were more than enough to hold the interest of the audience. People were dancing, rocking out, and otherwise enjoying themselves - the hallmark of any good show. And it was a good show; another in a line of good shows put on at Aces.

More pictures can be had here on TwoGroove.
Photo credit: Tyler Groover