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Show Me Der B Q South Regional Playoffs

Show Me Der B Q  South Regional Playoffs
Show Me Der B Q South Regional Playoffs

This weekend is the grand Southern Regional playoffs for the top ten southern roller derby teams in Kansas City, here we come. Games begin at 10 A.M. central time on Friday, September 30, 2011 and end on Sunday with the championship at 6:30 P.M. central time.

The WFTDA South Central Region covers leagues in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kansas and New Mexico.

They got some crazy roller derby women in Kansas City and they will definitly being playing with fire for keeps. Texas and Kansas City won in 2010. The South Central game bracket.

Kansas City Roller Warriors are the #1 seed for this tournament, the defending 2010 South Central Champions and this year, the playoffs are on their home turf. No hosting WFTDA league has ever won their own tournament. It doesn’t get more exciting than this.

The tournament hosts,' Kansas City has had their best year since winning the 2007 WFTDA Nationals, an 8-1 record that includes wins over the top seed from the North Central, Windy City (111-92 earlier this month) and the fourth-place team from the very tough West, Rat City (155-123 in June). The teams only loss was a 169-88 defeat at the hands of the unofficial #1 team in the nation, Oly.

Friday at noon The Atlanta Roller Girls take on the Houston Roller Derby. No one knows for sure what is going to happen in this bout. Houston actually faced Atlanta in May of this year at the Rocket City Rumble, Atlanta rolled away with a 107-73 victory.

Houston has an 11-8 record and Atlanta is 7-7, the winner will be facing Kansas City on Saturday at 4 P.M..

Houston Roller Derby-1X Rebel Ann // 5 Candy Codeine // 7 Goldie Bloxx // 9 Big Bad Voodoo Dollie // 16 Mistilla // 19 Betty Watchett // 21 Jekyll & Heidi // 26 Brand-Aid // 30 Wicked Sweet // 35 Prosecutor // 37 Carmen Geddit // 55 Copperhead // 88 Radium DK // 201 Dutch Destroyer // 237 Shaw Shank // 360 The Angie Christ // 666 Flyon Maiden // 866 Becky Booty // 1491 Windigo // 9021 Beverly Kills.

Atlanta Roller Girls- 1LB The Merchant of Menace // 2BFC Canna Whoopass // 2L8 Wheelin Jennings // 2LBU Queen Loseyateefa // 3 Shannihilator // 8 Deathskull // 12 AM Rebel Yellow // 49 Sissy Splaysek // 99 Nora Gretz // 850 Bruze Orman // 900 Brutal Strudal // 1428 Demi Gore // 1905 Regreta Garbo // 1932 Belle of the Brawl // 1973 Alassin Sane // 1979 The Ruffian // 8979 Switchblade Siouxsie // B1 Juju // H864 Hollicidal.

If Kansas City wins as is expected they will take on the winner of Atlanta VS. Houston in the semifinals; KC's beat out Atlanta with151-points, so, if Houston wins against Atlanta, KC is hoping to sail into the final. C'mon Atlanta we are here for you all the way.

Watch it live, video coverage on the WFTDA website.

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