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Show love with healthy gifts this Valentine's Day

Forego the chocolates this year for a healthier gift.
Forego the chocolates this year for a healthier gift.

Celebrate Valentine's Day this year without compromising your New Year's resolutions.  Most of us are still struggling with that extra holiday weight. Help yourself and your loved ones this year by bringing healthy gifts into your home.  Choose one of these thoughtful and creative gifts this Valentine's Day:

  • Edible Arrangements:  These beautifully crafted fruit bouquets are a great replacement for a box of chocolates and flowers.  All locations will be open this Sunday, so call their Homewood or Hoover store today to place your order. 
  • Air Purifying Plants:  Live plants are a beautiful gift that can last a lifetime.  NASA and ALCA researched which plants are best at detoxifying the air we breathe.  Among those plants are: Peace Lily, Ficus, Gerbera Daisy, Aloe Vera, English Ivy, Mums, Elephant Ear and Heart Leaf Philodendron.  Visit Plant Odyssey, Sweet Pea's, or Hanna's Garden Shop to pick up your air purifying plants. 
  • Tickets to La Vie BohemeArova Contemporary Ballet is offering 10% off of all tickets sold before Valentine's Day. When you order before Sunday, use the code "Rose".  The performances will be held March 5-7 at Virginia Samford Theatre.  It promises to be a daringly seductive and romantic night of amazing dance and choreography.   
  • Gift Certificates:  Get your loved ones gifts that lead to happier, healthier bodies.  A gift certificate for Pilates, Yoga, or Massage Therapy will be sure to gain you big points.  You could also give the gift of a gym membership.
  • Adopt a Pet:  Pets keep us happier and healthier.  They lower our blood pressure and encourage us to be more active.   Visit the Greater Birmingham Humane Society today to pick out the perfect new addition to your family. 
  • Plan a healthy day: Wake up to a healthy breakfast.  The forecast for Sunday looks promising.  Pack a picnic and take a hike.  The exercise will keep you plenty warm.  Enjoy a romantic dinner at Little Savannah in Forest Park, where they buy much of their meat and produce from local farmers. 

While love is a lovely thing to celebrate, remember to share it every day of the year.  Support the people you love in making healthy decisions. 



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