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Show gratitude to your host and hostess

Beautiful guest room
Beautiful guest room
Manoir de la Boirie

When someone opens their home to you they are opening their world to you. It is so important to show your gratitude when these doors are opened. Often it is in the form of flowers, food or wine. Everyone loves that, but it is not the only thing you need to bring. Enhance a home with amazing products that fill the home. Flowers are nice, but do not last. However, if you want the intoxicating fragrance of said flowers, Voluspa’s Candles ($25) will fill the room. French Cade Lavender blends rich Bulgarian lavender with lemon verbena for an exceptional fragrance that scents your home with elegance. In addition, the coconut wax blend is in a beautiful glass container that will look stunning wherever your hosts displays it. Like a candle, a diffuser will add flavor to a home. If you happen to be staying with a top chef, Hillhouse Naturals’ Kitchen Collection ($33) is perfect because it lets everyone know what room the house revolves around. They are available in delicious scents of fig, olive and others. While on a fragrance kick, if you know your hosts pretty well you will know some of their favorite things. Demeter uses magic to bottle the scent of anything and everything. Bring your guests a Demeter Fragrance ($20) of your hosts favorite things from Pistachio Ice Cream to Fresh Rain.

Everyone loves a treat that they would not normally buy for themselves. For that special treat, bring a Gift Box from Treat House. Treat House is a New York City based dessert shop that has put a spin on your favorite rice cereal treat, by creating various flavors from chocolate peanut butter to bubble gum. When you come with the Sugarfina Bento Box your hostess may claim they are cutting back on sugar, bu t by the time you leave half the candy will be gone. You as the guest, have not touched anything. You can purchase a pre-made bento box or choose eight of your host’s favorite candies.

When in doubt, buy nice stationery. Everyone loves it and no one buys it for themselves. R. Nichols has simple, yet beautiful notecards. The notecards ($17) come in a variety of designs. There are ones that are prefect for the girlie girl , city dweller, and fitness fanatic. You can even get them personalized. Once you give these as a thank you, do not be surprised if you receive one back with a special note on the inside.