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Shovels & Rope and Hurray For The Riff Raff return to Atlanta

Shovels & Rope
Shovels & Rope
Shovels & Rope

Saturday night the music will be flowing as two killer bands set up shop at the Variety Playhouse. Out on the road, Shovels & Rope and Hurray For The Riff Raff are bringing a one, two punch to music listeners everywhere and they have Atlanta in their crosshairs.

Charleston’s Shovels & Rope (S&R) is comprised of Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst. The husband & wife duo offer up music rich with Americana, loaded with southern imagery and sprinkled with a bluesy swagger. The past couple of years have seen them grow from a regional favorite into a national powerhouse. Songs like “Birmingham”, “Hail Hail” and “Tickin’ Time Bomb” anchor their sets as S&R’s traveling road show has found its way into small dives, multiple festivals and on national television. Live shows are explosive and emotional as Trent and Hearst play off of each other during their exhaustive sets and Saturday night should be no different.

Get there early because you are going to want to see Hurray for the Riff Raff (HFRR) kick the night off. The heart and soul of HFRR is Alynda Lee Segarra as her sultry voice weaves tales about small town America and intriguing characters. She mesmerizes listeners with her voice while impressing with her banjo playing. Their all covers album My Dearest Darkest Neighbor opened people’s eyes to their talent setting them up for the recently released critically acclaimed Small Town Heroes. As good as their albums are it is live where HFRR’s music thrives taking on a life of its own. Soothing melodies, country twang and a bit of New Orleans flair make for a good night of tunes in Atlanta.

If you attend one show this weekend I recommend you hit this one up. Both bands deliver personable performances making the crowd part of the show. So get out of the house grab some dinner than make way to the Variety Playhouse for your daily allowance of music. The beverages will be cold, the house will be packed and the tunes will be jumping.

WHO: Shovels & Rope & Hurray For the Riff Raff
WHEN: Saturday, March 1st, 8:30pm
WHERE: The Variety Playhouse