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Shout out to Aerosoles Wedge Heel Boots

Lake Erie has reared her mightiness, letting all Clevelanders know we don't stand a chance this winter. This past week, I've lived in my Aerosoles wedge heel boots and I have loved them!

I have big feet and I have two brands - Clarks and Aerosoles. Clarks has amazing leather and I love their shoes. But Aerosoles - I can work in them from 8 AM - 9 PM and my feet don't hurt. This is especially true of their almost 3 inch wedge heel boots. And the added benefit? Stable on the ice and snow. Or as stable as anything can be. AND I always get compliments and when I tell people - which I always do - they respond - "Aerosoles? Really?"

These wedge boots I have worn with a sweater dress, two tunics and leggings, jeans and cardigans. They have two zippers so when you have heavier pants, unzip the second zipper so you don't stretch the fabric. My feet have stayed dried and I have been comfortable. I like to wear heels because they give the butt a lift, even in wedges. Worth every penny. I'm only sorry I didn't buy more last season when they were on sale. I have the black ones and they aren't fading with the salt.

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