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Shout Factory Presents: SLEEPAWAY CAMP

Blu-ray cover art
Shout Factory

Sleepaway Camp is one of the most unique horror films from the eighties. It is a campy and intelligent film with a twist ending that few will see coming – and now the folks at Shout Factory have given us all a chance to experience it on Blu-ray.

Angela and Ricky are two awkward youngsters who are sent to summer camp by their quirky aunt Martha. Angela is incredibly introverted, shy, and quiet. On those rare occasions when she does speak, she talks to Ricky only. Minutes after they arrive at the camp site, it is clear that the other girls look upon Angela as a nuisance. Almost immediately, the insults begin. To top it all off, Angela is nearly molested by the pervy kitchen cook. Ricky has to fight off many of the bullies who attempt to harm Angela. Needless to say, things are off to a rocky start.

And then, people start dying. In horrible, disgusting ways.

Naturally, due to his protective nature, the camp counselors begin to suspect Ricky. In the meantime, Angela seems to make a connection with another young man, who is one of Ricky’s bunkmates. However, just when you think that things are cooling down, that’s when another murder occurs. The tension builds and builds until an unforgettable finale that will have many people shocked with disbelief.

This is a fantastic Blu-ray release. The special features are plentiful, with a commentary and a making-of documentary, as well as interviews with several members of the cast. A music video is included, as well as the theatrical trailer and a featurette which chronicles the 2K restoration of the film. This is a must-own for any true horror fan!

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