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Should your child attend a single-gender school?

Should your child attend a single-gender school or would he or she receive a better education in a co-ed school? There are several educational benefits of single-gender schools. Research indicates that both male and female students often experience greater academic success and they experience taking a wider variety of subjects when they attend single-gender schools.

Gender-Dominant Subjects. In coeducational schools, girls tend to shy away from non­-traditional subjects such as computer science and math. One reason could be that girls who take such courses find themselves isolated in classrooms that are mostly filled with boys, and taught by male teachers who may even overlook them. Boys also face challenges in coeducational schools. Research demonstrates that fewer boys than girls, graduate from high school and attend college. Moreover, boys who struggle academically may display disruptive behaviors in the classroom to hide their lack of ability.

Learning Styles and Behavior. Single-gender schools recognize the fact that boys and girls usually have different learning styles and different needs. Moreover, single-gender schools help break down gender role stereotypes. Students are also able to focus more on academics without being distracted by or competing for the attention and affection of members of the opposite gender. Boys will not feel the need to act macho and girls will not worry so much about their hair, make-up and wardrobe.

What About Socialization? Of course not everyone supports the idea of single-gender schooling. Some people believe that girls and boys need to learn to socialize and work together in the classroom, so that they will have the skills to work together in the same companies during adulthood. Parents should decide what is best for their children and make their decision accordingly.

What Does Your Child Need? Some children enjoy the learning process and receive a great education in traditional schools, but many children will experience greater success in single-gender schools. Every child is different. Shy children will probably feel more comfortable in single-gender classrooms. Boys who are interested in foreign languages and the arts are more likely to enroll in such classes at an all boys school.

A good education is the best gift that parents can give their children. Talk to your children and make the choice that is best for them.

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