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Should you write a love letter to an old flame

Thinking of sending that old love letter?
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Here is a short story over long years about a woman who wrote a love poem to a man she, yes, loved. She never sent it. She did not know how he felt, there was no particular spoken or unspoken indication that he felt the same about her, so she wrote it for the sake of putting her feelings to paper. Years passed and she came across this poem. What to do? Too late to send it? Maybe. Maybe not. She had no trouble finding his address, but he was in a relationship and so was she, so the idea of mailing this seemed intrusive at least and destructive at worst.

Should we send love letters to old flames? There are issues to be considered, of course. If the sweetheart is now in a relationship with someone who would react to it with jealousy or anger, you might think twice about sending it. Okay, don’t send it at all. If you are in a present relationship and you don’t want to open doors to a love you may still feel or do something on the sly, think carefully. More time passed.

Her relationship had come to an end, and what do you know, so had his! Time to send the letter? Would he think it too weird? Would she? Well, she worked up her courage and slipped it into the mailbox with a note saying she found this unsent letter and thought he might like to know she used to feel this way about him. They got together for lunch and essentially recreated a so-far undefined relationship based on yesterday with an eye toward what tomorrow might be. Maybe lovers, maybe chums. We don’t know yet.

What we do know is that it is never too late to tell people you were thinking of them and remembering all the good about them and what you treasured. A letter of affection is a wonderful kind of love letter. To know you were loved yesterday is certainly a gift today. If neither of you is in a relationship, and time has passed, you may want to dive right in and send that old love letter even frayed and yellowed with age.

Yes, it takes courage. It is an act of faith that it will be well received. But, even on the outside chance you never get a response, aren’t you better for having offered love, memories or friendship? Sometimes yesterday’s love is a wonderful foundation for today’s simple delicious friendship. Or today’s unmatched passion.

From me to you with love in the air, and maybe in the mailbox,

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