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Should you take a class with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

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Spring time is approaching and college students know what that means; time to register for fall classes. Many young couples who attend the same school look forward to this time of year. They use this time to make schedules that coordinate and they may even take a class or two together. But is taking a class with your boyfriend or girlfriend really a good thing?

Some would take the stance that of course couples should try to take a class together. This will give them an automatic study buddy. Many others, however, have a very different opinion about taking classes with a significant other.

When girlfriends and boyfriends take a course together several things could occur. The couple may succeed greatly in the class because of the support from one another, or they may fail miserably. More often than not, the latter is actually true.

When couples take a class together, instead of supporting each other, they usually pose as a distraction. Spending time together is great, but it’s hard to concentrate in class when your loved one is sitting right next to you. Also, aside from just the couple involved, taking classes with a significant other also poses distractions to others in the class.

Before signing up for a class with your boyfriend or girlfriend, evaluate all the options. Think long and hard before making this decision. There’s nothing worse than making a poor grade in a class or being that couple all of your peers cannot stand.