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Should you make a sex tape to add passion in your relationship?

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You and your loving partner might have spent many nights watching porn and imitating the acts to bring passions and add spice to your sex life. Intimacy, after a few years of a relationship can become dull and boring if partners don’t put efforts to keep the flame burning. Intimate life need constant and consistent involvement so none of the partner loses interest as the years pass by. If both of you are fun-loving and belong to a category of couples who just want to keep their sex life exciting and fulfilling, then probably you would have talked about making a tape already. Toying with idea to capture a sex tape might come as a sudden surprise to most partners, but the fact is that every couple desire to see themselves having the pleasurable moment of their lives live. While some opt for mirrors to make their desires come true in a temporary way, others want to sit and watch themselves while lying together under a cozy blanket. So is it actually a good idea to make a sex tape? What are the risks associated with it? Is it a safe option to consider even in a casual relationship? In this article, we’ll answer some typical questions that often resist couples from taking such steps.

Reasons To Make A Sex Tape

Watching your play on video not only appeals you and the partner’s exhibitionism and voyeurism, but also makes you feel more relaxed about being naked in front of your partner. Even after years of passionate sex life, many couples, especially women carry a sense of awkwardness. This can be due to many reasons such as weight issues, cellulite, heavy butts, body scars and so on. Having a sex tape made will let you know that you partner is least concerned about your body’s flaws, rather enjoys exploring each and every part of your body with equal level of excitement and without any shame. In addition to this, there is no barrier of clothing as far as watching each other on a sex tape is concerned.

Another major advantage of making sex tape is you get thrill of watching yourselves having passionate sex. You might have never imagined yourself looking so wild, horny and hot. May be your partner would have skipped your this avatar, as most of the couples prefer keeping their eyes shut when having intercourse. Watching a sex tape together will help you explore some of the many hidden characteristics of your personality that you might have missed before.

Will It Make The Bond Stronger?

You see strangers having sex on porn and get aroused, now imagine watching the own sex tape. You’ll suddenly start feeling more intimate with your partner. Having both of you watch being in the idea can bring you both much closer together. You’ll feel more excited about each other and might even start thinking of introducing new ways into the act, or improve positions.

You may critique the tape together and find out the angles or positions that didn't work and suggest the ones you people want to try next time.

If you are someone who often feel shy communicating your feelings to your partner, then having a sex tape made can help you come out of your shell. Watching yourself as some next porn star can give instant boost to your self-esteem. Overall, it can be said that watching own sex tape can give your intimate life the extra boost and make it much more thrilling.

However, in order to enjoy the moment thoroughly, you need to keep low expectations and sense of great humor, or you will end up getting disappointed. There will be instances when your partner would want to laugh at some of your silly acts or guide you with the right way to make most of certain positions. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of anything and enjoy being in the moment as much as you can.

Is It Safe to Make Sex Tape In Casual Dating?

It depends on your relationship and trust level on each other. If you have met the guy or girl just a few months ago, then sex clip can be a real bad choice as internet gives a variety of exposure to all kinds of media these days. Sex tape is only considered safe and favorable for couples who have been in a long-term relationship and have built a level of trust for each other.

As long as you’re ready to take into consideration each other's privacy concerns, a sex clip can be a great way to push your relationship to the next level.

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