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Should You Look For A Rank Tracker For Your Website?

Should You Look For A Rank Tracker For Your Website?
Should You Look For A Rank Tracker For Your Website?

Millions of websites are launched around the world by individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs but not all of them see the face of success. Some are never able to get any recognition or visitors while others go obsolete due to inconsistency of the website owner in a few days. However, only the website with people who have strong visions remain and these are the people who don’t take any part of website management for granted. These are the people who keep a close eye on how their website is performing on any given day so they can make improvements in it over time.

Rank tracker is an application or software that can be used by these website owners in order to get a good look into the website’s ranking and performance. This particular software gives clear and easy to understand statistics to the website owner on where the website has been and is ranking. The information given to the website owner is in different forms and formats to give a complete 3 dimensional view of where the website is standing at any given moment. Such softwares are easy to understand and operate and can be used by anyone with ease.

The user interface of a rank tracker software is pretty user friendly and provides easy to understand charts, graphs and tables. The features of the software can vary from vendor to vendor. There are thousands of softwares designed by thousands of software development companies and firms. These softwares have different prices and features. Some are easy to understand whereas others need time. However, most of them focus majorly on the major search engines, i.e. Google, Bing and Yahoo. Some softwares have limits on the number of keywords you can check your website’s ranking for and some have no limits.

These softwares are also great for creating timely reports to know the ranking of a website not only for a certain keyword but during a certain time period. For example, launching an ad and marketing campaign during the Christmas season will require you to find out the results of your efforts during this particular season. You might not be interested in knowing the statistics of the whole month but only 15 days of December. Some of these softwares will allow you to create reports in this manner whereas others won’t. It is up to you to check for these features before purchasing the software.

Rank tracker software also proves great in knowing how well your ad campaigns have performed. Regardless of the changing algorithms introduced by major search engines you will know what keywords are working for your website the best. Some of the best softwares will let you know the ranking of your website on various domains of the search engine. For example, Google has round about 188 different domains designed for different regions. Knowing your website’s rank on these domains can be of great importance. Always look for such features on your rank tracking software before making a purchase.