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Should you have your CRM in the cloud? Part 7

This is the seventh in a series of articles that focus on whether you and your firm should have your CRM in the cloud.

Do you like speed?

Observing sales reps (even though I own my own firm, I technically don’t consider myself a salesperson) as I have over the years, one hallmark of many, many reps is the need for speed. Male or female, they want to do things FAST. They want it NOW and not later. Speed is critical. Pity the poor admin person, electronic gadget or software app that is slow!

One thing to definitely consider when selecting a Contact Management or CRM application is whether or not it’s cloud-based. If it is cloud-based, there’s a real good chance that true “speed demons” will be disappointed in the overall performance.

An aspect to be considered is where the app and the data will be hosted. Some companies that are hosting their own ACT! for Web are disappointed with the speed because of a slow Internet connection. For apps such as SalesForce, SalesNexus, etc., where you have no control over hardware, you’re at the mercy of the speed of your Internet connection. That could be at your office, your home, a coffeehouse or other venue. By and large, most web-based CRM apps are slower than their PC-based counterparts. This is especially true of CRM apps (as opposed to word processing or spreadsheets) due to the large number of files and tables that are getting updated.

So consider whether speed is a deal maker or deal breaker. Get feedback from the people that will be using the app the most – your sales team.


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