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Should You Have Your CRM in the Cloud? Part 5

This is the fifth in a series of articles that focus on whether you and your firm should have your CRM in the cloud.

How reliable is your/your firm’s Internet connection?

Have you noticed that you or your co-workers have had intermittent interruptions with your building’s Internet connection? Or if you’re a sole proprietor or lone ranger sales rep, does the coffee shop you frequent have less than satisfactory web connections? If so, if the Internet is shut down – so is your business! Consider this as a major factor in your decision to go cloud-based.

But this is not insurmountable – at least it won’t be in the near future. Many software development firms, such as Sage, are developing long-term strategies that will accommodate small firms that will want to be cloud-based but also want the security of having “on premises” software apps. In other words, in the future, you won’t be forced into an “either-or” situation.



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