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Should You Have Your CRM in the Cloud? Part 4

This is the third in a series of articles that focus on whether you and your firm should have your CRM in the cloud.

Where’s your sales team?

A serious discussion of cloud-based CRM can’t be complete without asking where your sales team resides. Cloud-based CRM should have consideration if any one of the following scenarios is present:

• Are you a “one-man-band?”

• Are the members of your sales team on the road frequently? Are they out of the office more than they’re in?

• Are the members of your sales team out of state? Do they work out of remote or even home offices?
• If when outside sales reps come into the office, are they required to “synchronize” their CRM data on their laptop to a central database?

• Can you absorb the per/month/per/person fee situation compared to your annual revenue?

If these scenarios exist, it might be a good idea to have your CRM hosted on the web. We’re way past the days of using remote software to “sync up” to the home office.


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