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Should You Have Your CRM in the Cloud? Part 1

This is the first in a series of articles that focus on whether you and your firm should have your CRM in the cloud.

The first step in this discussion, of course, needs to be the definition of “the cloud”.

What exactly does “cloud computing” mean? For decades, computer engineers have drawn a cloud to depict a network (such as the Internet) whose inner workings were unknown to them. From there, cloud computing evolved as a term to describe free or subscription-based services delivered in real time over the Internet.

Simple enough. However, cloud computing can mean different things to different people. Fox example, a lot of sole proprietors, multi-level marketing types, work-at-home types and others rely on cloud email services such as Yahoo, Microsoft Live and Google’s Gmail. These folks already live partially in the cloud; and have been for years.

But other applications (apps) can be cloud-based as well..

We’ll go over these applications and discuss the goods and not-so-goods about whether your information should be on computers in your office or whether they should be based out somewhere on the Internet.


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