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Should you consider working for the federal government?

USAJOBS is the Federal Government’s Official Jobs Site
USAJOBS is the Federal Government’s Official Jobs Site
Dan Vale

Along with STEM type technical jobs, casino jobs, and Baltimore Port related jobs, the federal government is a major employer in the Baltimore area. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working for the federal government.

One advantage of working for the federal government is the favorable benefits, which make the federal government quite family friendly. Examples of favorable benefits include considerable paid time off and the widest selection of health care plans.

Another advantage of federal employment is job security. Government workers can appeal personnel decisions.

Yet another advantage of federal employment is the number of job openings due to retirements . By September of 2016, 31 percent, or 600,000 federal employees will be eligible to retire.

Job applicants should not think that the Baltimore and Washington areas are the only areas with federal jobs. Federal jobs are located in and around many U.S. cities. Also, overseas there are over 89,000 federal jobs. Thus, federal employees often can have greater mobility in their careers than do workers in smaller, locally based, private companies.

Finally, some federal employees work in agencies that have student loan repayment and pensions.

There are, however, disadvantages to federal employment. One disadvantage is lower entry-level salaries. These salaries, however, have step increases, and thus federal employees’ pay grades soon catch up to and often surpass private sector salaries.

Federal agencies usually have more bureaucratic rules and restrictions than smaller, private sector companies. Also, federal job descriptions are less flexible than job descriptions in smaller, private sector companies.

One of the biggest disadvantages of federal employment is the lengthy application process, which can take months. Job applicants cannot just use their own resumes to apply for federal jobs. There are, however, people who can help job applicants with the application process, and there also is a user friendly web site for federal job applicants to use as well.

The federal government is hiring more than 30,000 people each month. It is one of the few remaining sectors of our economy that is still hiring. For those job applicants with persistence , federal employment can bring many rewards.

Let’s hear from some of you present or former federal employees. How do you feel about federal jobs? Please comment below.

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