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Should you change your skin care regime for the winter months?

Depending where you live climate changes dramatically impact the condition of your skin. Winter climates can bring dry and irritated skin which can also lead to breakouts. Your skin care regime should reflect the climate. In the winter months as soon as the heat comes on in your house you will probably notice changes in your skin. Newer houses usually have a built in whole house humidifier which will provide added moisture to the air in the house. If not a good suggestion is to keep a small humidifier near your bed to provide moisture to the skin while you sleep. Nighttime is the best time to provide reparative treatments to your skin. Make sure to cleanse, use moisturizers with skin essential vitamins to nurture the skin during sleep. Adjust your skin treatments accordingly. Cleansers and moisturizers in the summer months may not be appropriate for your skin in the fall and winter months. You may need heavier moisturizers to help provide extra moisturization and protection. Protection from the elements is also essential. Just like the summer months you should be using at least an SPF 30 on a daily basis to help protect your skin. Wind and cold are also damaging to the skin so if you are in the winter elements protect your skin from wind burn and cold with scarves and other clothing.