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Should you buy an iPad 3?

Should you buy an iPad 3?
Should you buy an iPad 3?
Kenn Morris

So, the iPad 3 has been released and you're still wondering if you should get one? Well, I have a great way of helping you decide. has designed a simple flowchart that will help guide you toward or away from that major purchasing decision.

What is a flowchart? It's basically a path you follow. You get from Point A (your burning question) to Point B (the answer you have been so desperately seeking) by answering a series of simple yes and no questions. It's easy, fun, and most times, free.

Though dated (and referring to the original iPad), the concept still applies--If you need guidance, you need guidance, right? What's great about this chart is that in the midst of their humor, you'll find several nuggets of truth about making an iPad purchase. To check out BBspot's flowchart, CLICK HERE.