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Should You Bring Your Dog to Spring Festivals in Cecil County, Maryland

Bailey is very loving, but a bit nervous. He stays home when his owners head out to local festivals.
Katelyn Thomas Photography

The months of April and May are filled with outdoor events in and around Cecil County, Maryland. Many dog owners, knowing that the venue will be outdoors and that other people will be doing the same, take their pups with them when they attend these festivals. Before you decide to head to the Scottish Games in Fairhill, the Spring Fling in Perryville or another local festival this spring with your canine companions, be sure you are making the right choice for you and your dogs.

Are Pets Allowed at the Event?

Not all outdoor events are pet friendly. Before you pack up your pup, be sure to double check event information to be sure pets are allowed. If there isn't any information about pets, you may want to call or email event organizers to doublecheck. Some event venues, such as community parks, do not allow pets in all areas.

Will Your Dog Enjoy the Crowds and Noise?

To an outgoing, happy go lucky pup, an event can be a lot of fun. The petting opportunities are almost limitless and the new smells just keep on coming. For a more introverted dog, an event can be terrifying. The petting and smells are overwhelming and he or she may end up cowering behind you or even nipping an overly friendly stranger. Be realistic about your pet's personality. You may need to come to terms with the fact that a crowded event is not the right place to socialize a timid dog.

Is Your Dog Protected Against Common Viruses?

I once took a dog to the pet store to pick out a new bone. He had his kennel cough vaccine, but our pup at home did not. We unknowingly brought the virus home with us when he stopped to say hello to another dog and made our poor little girl sick. Before you take your dog to an event, talk to your vet about all of your pets' immunizations. Make sure to explain why you are checking into their history. Your vet may recommend additional protection, such as a Lyme disease vaccine or protection against canine influenza, because of your location.

Do You Have the Comforts of Home?

A dog can get pretty thirsty trotting around and smelling fun new things. A black dog on a sunny day gets even thirstier. If you decide to take your pet to an event, make sure you carry plenty of water and a collapsable bowl, a first aid kit for dogs, a few bags for disposing of waste and an umbrella for emergency shade along.

When you take an outgoing dog that enjoys traveling with you to a local event, you can have a lot of fun. Just make sure you are prepared for emergencies and that your dog is welcome at the event before you head out the door.


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