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Should you bless your food before you eat it?

Thank you God, for this food, amen.
Thank you God, for this food, amen.

I notice that every time I bow my head to bless my food, I get a lot of strange looks, and even the odd person asking me “is something wrong???”

Usually I give them some kind of comment about 'being a heathen'; but there is an interesting thing going on here. When I was growing up, everyone stopped to 'say their blessing' before eating, but it seems like that's the sort of thing that went out with, well, sitting down for family dinners.

So, the question is: is there any point in blessing your food?

No matter what your religious beliefs, I think there are several good reasons for it, such as:
1. Taking the time to say 'thank you' for your food roots you in a feeling of gratitude, which most everyone knows is the “Secret” of the Law of Attraction.

2. You can 'charge' your food with energy. For instance, it's possible to fill your food with healing energy just by visualizing and thinking about it consciously before eating.

3. It gives you time to think of all the miraculous Forces that went into this food arriving in front of you; the power of the Sun, the delicate balance of the Earth. Consider how the entire Universe is conspiring to provide all of your needs.

4. And above all else, taking time out of your day to talk to your Creator, even if it's for a few seconds, is one of the easiest ways to increase your sense of peace and happiness.

I think you get the point. But don't just listen to me, try it for yourself! Take time before you eat to think about how grateful you are for the food you're eating. Those few seconds of silence can change your whole life.

What do you think? Feel free to comment down below!

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