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Should you beg in an interview?

Should you beg in an interview?
Should you beg in an interview?

Begging has always gotten a bad rap- primarily because we don’t want to look desperate. But as it goes, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” If it’s done right you look interested, motivated, dedicated, and honest – you don’t have to beg as if it’s the last job interview you will ever have, but you can do it in subtle ways that really show your interest. Have you ever gone into an interview and really want the job and be turned away? No, any job interview you go into with the mindset you want this job- most likely its shows true and you do get the call for the next step.

Here are some sure fire ways to beg in an interview and actually get the job offer.

Biggest thing today, all interviewers have concerns it’s your job in the interview to address those concerns before they do.

Concern Number 1– you are overqualified and will find the next best thing soon after training is completed. You need to address the issue effortlessly with each question they ask.

Interview asks the question – “So why do you see yourself as a good fit?”

Your response – “I actually see myself as a good fit because this is the type of work environment that is rewarding to me, I was doing some research on your company and see that you hold working in a team setting very highly and that establishing goals are very important, I would definitely enjoy working here for many years.” (Don’t forget to give examples of your experience, and let the interviewer know early on that you are here for the long haul).

Concern Number 2 – I see that you didn’t stay in your last job too long.

The interviewer may ask this but either way.

Your response– “I am actually looking for something long-term and this would be a perfect career.” (Using the word career over job means you are looking for something long-term, even if this isn’t the job you want, it’s something to hold you over for right now).

Concern Number 3- The interviewer always asks you if you have any last questions, even if you don’t here’s your final chance to end the interview with something they can think about. Always ask a good last question.

Your question: “What would be the biggest challenge six months to a year in this position?” (This question shows you are thinking in the near future on helping them address challenges and subconsciously guaranteeing you will stay in that position at least a year.)

Last minute tips on begging

If you show that you are enthusiastic, maybe you're not, but create some excitement and energy when you talk to the interviewer, this will soften any begging that you do because it will be taken in light with your energy – not desperation.

If the interviewer does point out that you are overqualified, its okay to beg in a rebuttal, “I understand that my credentials are over the job’s minimum qualifications but I can also bring in extra skills to the table that you may need down the road to assist you in larger projects, or I can take on more tasks because I have experience in multi-tasking and working with large ongoing priorities.”

And finally, it's okay to let them know you really want this job, but have a valid reason - make sure its something from the job description or on their website, not the salary or time-off.


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