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Should you avoid restaurants on Valentine's Day? Yes, and no.

Finding a table on Valentine's Day in Montreal can be difficult so think outside the box.
Finding a table on Valentine's Day in Montreal can be difficult so think outside the box.

Is Valentine's Day a bad time to eat at a restaurant?  Absolutely, unequivocally yes! The frantic pace in the kitchen and the dining area make it near impossible for you to get good food and great service. Of course there are exceptions, namely those restaurants with limited seating and those used to working at maximum capacity every night; but these restaurants are few and probably have had this weekend reserved since before Christmas. While I would suggest staying home and cooking something special for Valentine's, it seems there are those who feel compelled to make it a night out. I've received a few e-mails (all from men who have waited until the last minute I might add) stating that some of my recommendations are full this weekend, so in the name of romance, I'll try and help. has a very long list of Montreal restaurants with special Valentine's Day menus, some of the restaurants listed I'm told, still have room.

Seeing as how Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday, breakfast, brunch or lunch might be a viable option. (A friend of mine is planning an early breakfast, followed by skating in a park, followed by a shopping spree for his wife.)  To see a list of Montreal restaurants that serve brunch click here.  Keep in mind you should still reserve for lunch and brunch this weekend.

Otherwise how about trying something completely different such as going to the small greasy spoon around the corner, or a hot dog joint. Try that small pizza place or Chinese "dinner for two" restaurant you always order from but have never stepped into.  You never know, it could become a night to remember.  It's about the company and less about the food guys so why not do something unpredictable for a change: pack your own candle and bring that special someone to Amir.


  • Anthony 5 years ago

    The little pizza place near my house, thats a pretty good idea.

  • Steve 5 years ago

    Funny article but I don't know if my wife will like going to Amir. lol

  • Lisa 5 years ago

    I'm with Sandro here, I wouldn't care where I was as long as it was genuine and sincere. Great artcle BTW.

  • Charlie 5 years ago

    Great article , the boyfriends and husbands should make valentines every weekend ! Take care of the better half , spoils them !

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