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Should WWE go through with Bryan versus HHH at WM 30

Should wwe go through with Byran vs HHH at WM 30
Photo by Frazer Harrison

Due to CM Punk's decision to leave the WWE last month, the company was forced to change their plans for the upcoming WrestleMania 30 PPV in April. One of the rumored changes to the PPV card was replacing CM Punk with Daniel Bryan in a match against WWE COO Triple H. On Monday, February 24, that rumor looks to have become a reality. According to a February 24 report by, Daniel Bryan challenged HHH to a match at WM 30 prior to the beginning of Monday's episode of RAW.

Unfortunately, HHH rejected the challenge and watched as his wife placed Bryan in a match on Monday's episode of RAW against Kane. After Bryan defeated Kane via pinfall, he once again challenged HHH to a match at WM 30. This time, 16,000 fans were screaming "yes" as Bryan whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

Although Bryan vs. HHH makes sense according to WWE storylines, the majority of WWE fans want to see Bryan fight for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which is currently held by Randy Orton. As of this article, Orton is scheduled to face Batista at WM 30 for the title.

For the last few months, the WWE Universe, and yours truly, have been shouting their support for Bryan and their disgust for WWE's unwillingness to give Bryan the title. From Royal Rumble to Elimination Chamber, the anger has risen to new heights as fans are beginning to boo other wrestlers and chant Bryan's name during other matches.

With fans firmly behind Bryan getting a title shot at WM 30, should the WWE go through with a match between HHH and Bryan, or should they give the fans what they want and have Bryan in the world title match?

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