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Should Welfare Fraud Send Cheaters to Prison For Decades of Hard Time?

Should cheaters get decades in prison for welfare fraud?
Should cheaters get decades in prison for welfare fraud?
photo credit - Fox 43

Welfare fraud is not something anyone in Florida should be taking lightly if the legislature gets its way. According to Fox News, the state legislature is launching a bipartisan effort to put the cuffs on welfare fraudsters and send them to the big house for up to 30 years.

Not a big deal is probably what some individuals who sneak welfare payments at the expense of hard working tax payers in the sunshine state do. But it is indeed a very big deal to Florida state officials, because according to the Florida Department of Children and Families, “In 2012, the department saved the Florida taxpayers approximately $40 million from “going out the door. ” In addition the state recovered $19 million in welfare benefit over payments.

Public assistance fraud is a very important problem that Florida is working to get a handle on. Currently the bill known as ‘Public Assistance Fraud’ is making its way through the legislature. With the tremendous escalation in Florida and nationally of welfare cases, the fraud has dramatically increased as well.

The Florida House Criminal Justice Subcommittee decided last week to lower the boom on welfare cheaters who have intentionally defrauded others from receiving the benefits of the state’s social safety net.

The state means business and if you are the unfortunate one to have, “ripped off Medicaid, food stamps or taxpayer-funded cash assistance programs for more than $100,000 you could receive 30 years in prison ,” reported Fox News.

For those criminal types that try to steal less than $100,000 in benefits, the Florida bill has something just as heavy for you to wear around your neck in terms of penalties. If someone even defrauds the state by wrongfully receiving or even applying for public assistance in the amount of $20,000 that person will end up with a 15 year prison sentence.

Welfare fraud is a growing problem that the nation’s governors and legislatures are attempting to get their arms around. Florida’s welfare fraud penalty measure might just be the medicine to cure this nefarious problem elsewhere.

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