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Should UofA Riot Be Teaching Moment for Students About Politics?

Okay brothers and sisters...need to know where you stand on this or if you just don't care. Please let the world know what you think here:Thanks to the human rights activist from Tucson... DA MORALES for sharing his thoughts and for his quote about "bread and circuses on his wall.

There was a so called riot in Tucson last night that might have been inflamed by the actions of the Tucson police force. The students and others were rioting over the fact that the UofA basketball team got beaten by Wisconsin and therefore kicked out of the "Sweet Sixteen".

I know that what happened in Tucson is not the most important thing that's happened in the world lately...but....I feel that this could be a teaching moment to those who feel our police force in America has become to militarized. Maybe...just maybe...we ask all of those college adult students and non college people to think about why the police are allowed to do what they do within our country and its government ? And...will this as a lesson to open their eyes to all of the injustice/racism/poverty/cruelty that is so prevalent in this world .

I am torn on this in that... I wish those who were out in the streets yesterday protesting over a basketball game were with us (apologies to those who have been with us in the past non-violently protesting) in the past trying to change the institutionalized racism in our public school system and a whole litany of other things/causes but...they...fall into the hands of the astro-turfed corporate/Koch opiate of the masses (sports).

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