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Should Tina Campbell Stay in Her Marriage? #MaryMary

Should Tina Stay?
Should Tina Stay?

I am a lover of Mary Mary! I am excited about the show and the new season. What I am not excited about is Tina Campbell "sticking it out." ...for her marriage after infidelity. Tina Campbell's husband, Teddy Campbell, stepped outside of their marriage and cheated with a woman while Tina was on the road. The woman that he cheated with was a close family friend. RELATED READ: SIDE CHICKS LIBRARY If you are a viewer of Mary Mary, the reality show, then you know that Tina Campbell is one of the most devoted women [to her marriage] that you have probably ever seen in the public eye. Tina has put her highly successful, hard-earned, music career on hold several times (even during tours) so that she could be present for her husband and her children. Most women would not do that. She has argued with her Sister, Erica, about working less so that she would not be gone for so many days at a time. Tina Campbell's absence was what her husband complained about. He cheated because she was not there, he claimed that there was an "empty space" in their relationship. After 5 children in 14 years and she still has a body like a video girl, but she keeps it sexy AND covered up? He needs to hit the road and she needs to date a man that values her hard work and effort.

"Me and Teddy's issues seem to consume my thoughts."

Tina's pre-occupation with her destroyed home life has completely leaked over to her professional life and Tina's usual bright-eyed and bushy-tailed feistiness has been replaced with lightweight bitterness and frustration. I so empathize with Tina. While I never want to see a happy family break up, I must honestly state that Tina loved her man at beyond 100, but she needs to love herself more in this instance.

Why a break-up would be best for Tina Campbell?

Tina is a very passionate person and while she may forgive her husband, she will more than likely never forget that their bond has been broken. The classy thing for this family would be to make sure that the children make it without being any more damaged than they already are. What say you? Should Tina and Teddy Campbell stay together? Holla Back. Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery Are you following me on Twitter for All of the Celeb Tea?