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Should this be the last season for Nene Leakes on the Real Housewives of Atlanta

Should Nene Leave RHOA?
Should Nene Leave RHOA?

Oh Nene!
I feel like after every episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta I despise Nene Leakes even more. And I cannot believe that's even possible.

This article is like an open letter to Andy and the rest of who ever handles casting for the real house wives franchises...please give Nene Leakes a pink slip, we are ready to see her move on. Not only does she take herself too darn seriously, she is no longer like the girlfriend in my head. She is no longer that moose that we all love. She is just a B*tch.

Let's unbox why this should be Nene's least season:

1. Kenya Moore is doing a good job of stirring the pot, being tall and making us love her messiness.
Nene reminds me of the evil step mother in all of the Disney movies: plus-sized, mean and hating on the younger girls.

2. Nene doesn't have anymore cards to play. What more can we expect from her? She has already made it perfectly clear that she is better than ALL of the other girls on the show-so if that is the case why is she there?

3. Cynthia is getting pretty damn strong on her own and doesn't need Nene to have her back in drama situations. Plus Mal(Cynthia's sister) is just FUN as all get out with her bad attitude.

4. Nene and Greg should both be getting their SSI checks soon. Older people on RHOA?

5. Nene's ego is spiraling out of control and she thinks more highly of herself than she should. That is self explanatory.

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6. That horrible "Donald Trump" lace front wig and the other lace front wigs that she scores from the local beauty supply.

Pause: Why is Nene wearing these bad a** wigs with lace visible on television? I am all for being frugal and being mindful of over spending money, but the hair that she is wearing looks synthetic.

7. Kenya Moore's stallion booty alone is more fun to watch than Nene Leakes whole presence.

8. Nene's wedding series was terrible.

9. I can't wait for the Marlo and Kenya Moore box it out next season.

10. Nene Leakes said that she is a real actress, I'm okay not seeing her on Sunday nights anymore, maybe she would serve the entertainment community looking for more roles in film or theater. *SHADE*

Do you think that this should be Nene Leakes last season on RHOA?

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery
Follow me on Twitter to Spill the TEA! And use the hashtag #ByeNene!

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