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Should the 10 Commandments be displayed in public places?

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Why are people always clamoring about the 10 Commandments being taken down or prohibited from being placed on public property?

Why such a focus on these commandments?

The answered proffered might disturb most Christians.

It is because that these few are all most folks can handle. In fact most people could not even list all 10 commandments in any form. But this is what those who identify with Christians in this nation ask for.

There are a few hundred more commands or directives or agricultural guides from God. Nobody is jumping up and down that these are not posted somewhere. People just want the 10 Commandments.

Consider this. God gave his chosen people these commandments when their hearts were hard. He gave these commandments and later the remainder of the law to a stiffed necked people.

Perhaps we like the Decalogue so much because even today we are a stiffed-necked people. It was a condition encountered by the very first men who shared the gospel. Our hearts are still hardened today.

There is another command that we should consider. It is love one another.

Jesus told his disciples to love each other as much as Jesus had loved them. Jesus died for his disciples. He died for us. In more modern words, he gave the last full measure of devotion in loving us.

Stiff necked people need clear cut rules.

People led by the Holy Spirit need only one rule. Love one another as much as Jesus loves you.

If we are still hard pressed to have the 10 Commandments displayed in public places or upset when they can’t be, let us first do one thing at home.

Let us display God’s word upon the entry way to our houses, especially the ones about loving God with everything we have.

Beyond that let’s talk about God’s love among our friends and family members. God’s love should dominate our conversations more than politics or football or good barbeque.

Beyond that, let’s live as God’s love in action. Everything we do should be in response to God’s unfathomable love.

How do we do that?

By loving one another as much as Christ loved us.

How about we start displaying these words on private buildings: LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Once we start living with the Holy Spirit as our guide, we will be more concerned about our messages of love and less concerned about commands given to a stiff necked people.

Do we need to ignore the 10 Commandments?


We need to live by the royal law that surpasses them. We need to live by the law of love.