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Should Teacher Do Jail Time For Hitting 10-year-old in The Face with Book?

Disruptive students in classroom
Disruptive students in classroom
photo credit Daily Mail

For a 66-year-old Colorado teacher, dealing with disruptive kids in his classroom had pushed him literally to the edge, according to Fox News. Harold Easton was a substitute teacher at Grand Junction elementary school simply lost his temper as he tried to maintain control in his classroom.

Sometimes teachers at any age can find it difficult to deal with disruptive students, but this former teacher and administrator of 32 years just could not get control of the fourth grade classroom and smacked one of the students with “a teacher’s instructional book, reported Fox News.

Is the emotional behavior professional and what should teachers like Easton do when the classroom becomes an unmanageable blackboard jungle? It appears that the prosecutors are weighing his age and previous professional experience in not charging Easton with child abuse and third-degree assault.

Instead of the more serious charges, the retired full-time teacher is being allowed to plea no contest to a to misdemeanor reckless endangerment. Perhaps this encounter with contemporary classroom behavior may have been far too stressful for the teacher who retired in 2005.

Easton has decided to pack it in and has decided to no longer substitute teach in Grand Junction school system in Colorado, according to Fox News.

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