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Should ‘Son of God’ movie be seen by nonbelievers? Hollywood offers Bible story

Son Of God movie poster
Son Of God/movie poster

The Son of God movie hits theaters Friday and Hollywood’s grassroots introduction to people of faith all around the country is impressive. One of several films that are coming out in 2014 about The Bible, word of mouth is building faster than any movie campaign that uses billboards and bus signs thanks to the introduction of the film to people at churches. According to Zap2It on Sunday the movie covers the life of Jesus from the Nativity to the Resurrection. This is the theatrical version of the New Testament section of the History Channel blockbuster miniseries The Bible.

Been to church this weekend? Here in Los Angeles congregations are buzzing about the film and believers are putting together trips to see the flick as an outing when it opens on Friday. This film has faith based forums chatting up the notion of comparing experiences after seeing the movie too.

Which comes to the question of who should go see this movie? Pastors around the country obviously would like to see their flock hit the movie theater. Rick Warren has put together study materials for this movie and Joel Osteen is sharing the message of the film on his television program. Son of God is about everywhere a person of faith would look.

What about the nonbelievers? So far most of the folks lining up to see the film on the first night are believers, but that might be temporary. There is a strong interest by nonbelievers too. Finding out what they could be missing, the chance to watch the movie as a story instead of an interpretation of the Bible could bring in the numbers as well.

One thing is for certain about the Son of God movie. There might not be traditional Hollywood campaign going on for this movie, but the word is out. This movie is going to be big and that news is coming straight from the church pews.

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