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Should SC law for a no-fault divorce be shortened from 1 year to 5 months?

Couples seeking a divorce in South Carolina may see time shortened after separation, Fox Carolina reported February 25.

South Carolina law now forces a couple to wait a year after being separated before they can obtain a no-fault divorce. Residents who file on the grounds of desertion, physical abuse or adultery can obtain a divorce after only 90 days.

The proposed amendment was voted on in the House Judiciary Committee today, asking the required separation for a no-fault divorce be reduced to five months.

Those on the committee are almost equally divided, with the amendment vote 12-11.

House Majority Leader Bruce Bannister is for the proposed amendment, stating it's more difficult for children to have to live with the stress created by parents who are divorcing. The one year law also causes the couple to lie about the time they've been legally separated.

Opponents believe South Carolina law should remain at one year because it gives the couple time to reconcile and work out their problems.

How do the readers here feel? Should a couple be required to wait a year before a no-fault divorce is granted? Should laws differ for divorcing couples when there are children involved. Please leave a comment below.

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