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Should Russell Wilson's divorce matter to Seahawks fans?

Russell Wilson holds the Lombardi Trophy alongside Marshawn Lynch during Seattle's Super Bowl celebration on Feb. 5
Russell Wilson holds the Lombardi Trophy alongside Marshawn Lynch during Seattle's Super Bowl celebration on Feb. 5
Photo by Otto Greule Jr

Should Russell Wilson's divorce matter to Seahawks fans?

Some people surely were disappointed to hear about the personal failure of the guy who in two years has become the most beloved sports figure in the Pacific Northwest -- the faith-strong Super Bowl champion and rising quarterback star who almost never loses and who had become the new Blue Angel.

Athletes go through divorces all of the time -- few announce them. But Wilson and/or his reps obviously wanted to take control of the news and not let someone with a "scoop" make it bigger than Wilson wants it to be. He knows his growing fame will make it hard to avoid the spotlight in his personal life. He calls audibles and spins a football for a living, and he wanted to call this audible and spin it his way, too.

Plenty of people speculated about the reason for his divorce, with cynics calling it a financial decision because he is about to be paid huge money next year and didn't want to lose it if he got divorced after the fact. Hardly seems like his style, though.

Of course, there were plenty of jokes being tossed around as well. Hey, maybe his wife actually kicked him to the curb because he is third in the team's QB salary pecking order behind Tarvaris Jackson and new arrival Terrelle Pryor.

Another great line from Twitter:

Seahawks fan to wife: "Russell Wilson is getting a divorce."

Wife: "Maybe you can marry him since you love him so much."

Seahawks fans do love Wilson. Why wouldn't they? He carries himself well on and off the field and has been a great representative of Seattle for two years -- and he just helped bring home the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in the franchise's 38 seasons. It's why something like a divorce seems out of character and disappoints the more touchy-feely fans.

Wilson got married at a very young age (23) and his fame and the demands on his time have skyrocketed over the past two years. It might have been as simple as him and his wife realizing he just didn't have time for her -- considering he is so invested in his job, his faith and his growing commercial and charitable endeavors.

Bottom line: There are any number of reasons Wilson and his wife may have begun to drift apart, and it's really none of our business (just like the Clinton affair was none of our business until Newt Gingrich and his hypocrites jumped on the case, but that is another rant entirely).

A little wisdom for the young reader: Most people should never consider getting married before age 25 because they don't know who they are, let alone who their partner is. They will both change as their lives change, and there is a chance they will end up not even knowing the person they thought they married. Perhaps Wilson and his wife, who were high school sweethearts, realized that was already happening.

The divorce is a minor chink in the shining armor that has been Wilson's public persona. But fans surely don't have to worry that Wilson suddenly will go down the meandering, philandering road taken by stars such as Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.

Wilson has a maturity and old-world wisdom those two never had. (Wilson hung out with Jordan and Ken Griffey Jr. recently, and the wise-beyond-his-years QB probably was a better influence on either sports icon than they were on the Super Bowl champ.)

In the end, Seahawks fans should be confident Wilson's personal failure will not translate into football failure -- it might even make him more driven and focused -- and that's all that should really matter.

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