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Should religious charitable programs be funded by the State?



  • KenL 6 years ago

    absolutely not! I say TAX THE CHURCHES!

    The religious are not keeping up with the needs(wants) of the church, so they want my tax dollars to help. Problem is, I am atheist and even anti-theist and I do not want one cent of my taxes to support a church or religion.

    Worse, the church wants my tax money AND wants to be able to discriminate once they have it.

    "those jeezus freaks are friendly but...
    the s%*t they believe has their minds all shut...
    they don't even care when the church takes a cut...
    ain't it bleak when you have so much nothing?"

    F. Zappa the meek shall inherit nothing

  • Dave 6 years ago

    I'm not religious at all. Frankly, I don't get the appeal of religion. Be that as it may, I don't have a problem with tax dollars going to religious organizations performing NON-religious services to the public at large (e.g. food banks, homeless shelters, etc.) It doesn't matter to me what the religion is or what the group does normally. If they provide a purely secular function that the community needs and wants to pay for, fine. But they should have to comply with the community rules too. If it is illegal for a public organization to discriminate against a group, then that should hold true for the secular services performed by any group accepting money from the government for those services. I further think that the money paid to religious organizations should entirely pass through that organization to fund their efforts (e.g. for supplies, hiring labor). There should be no money left over to go to the group in general.

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