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Should photo of young school children acting out the crucifixion spark outrage?

A photograph can literally transform a whole nation and even the world depending upon the image. According to the Daily Mail one such image of school children acting out the crucifixion of Jesus Christ has done that and gone viral. During Holy Week, a group of school children in Brazil were engaged in play-acting Christ’s crucifixion. The young students wore fake beards, and the child paying Christ even had a crown of thorns and fake wounds.

School Kids Act Out Crucifixion
photo credit - You Tube

For many who viewed the children there were comments of outrage and displeasure at seeing the children’s performance of the last agonizing painful hours of Jesus on the cross. But others have instead viewed the photo of the children as a tribute not only to their religious faith but to the larger issue of how sacrifice for everyone by an innocent is to be cherished.

The photo has spread across the globe from country to country and has been “liked” a phenomenal Facebook 230,000 times, reported the Daily Mail. One can only imagine the pride the parents of the young children felt as they watched their kids in the roles. The two girls who played the follower Mary Magdalene and Christ’s mother Mary are seen in front.

With the celebration of Easter, the photo can actually be a gentle and even beautiful reminder that the message and story of God’s son, Jesus Christ, is still relevant now. The photo of the young students in a Brazil town has proven that very fact.


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