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Should Obamacare Health Plan pass without Stupak Life guarantee?

One of our noblest Founding Fathers, Patrick Henry, said it best in 1775 when he said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Well it appears that Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) is moving into certainly heroic uncharted waters with a possible battle cry for life “Give me life’s liberty or give me an honorable political death!”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi battles Cong. Stupak over Right To Life stand on Obamacare health bill

Patrick Henry made this famous speech speaking before the Virginia House of Burgesses at St. John's Church on March 23, 1775. He, like Congressman Stupak, was confronted with a highly political and moral dilemma.

Patrick Henry framed his moral challenge this way:

“Are we disposed to be of the number of those, who having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.”

The whole truth does not seem to matter to the arm twisters in the White House or in the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal). There have been numerous political in-runs being concocted full of deal making and compromise to move for passage without Congressman Stupak.

What is perplexing Speaker Pelosi is Congressman Stupak’s uncommonly determined life stand as if he were somehow channeling the spirit of Patrick Henry himself. Stupak’s vote, along with his 12 congressional colleagues, she clearly needs.

It appears the goal has been to use the full weight of the presidency and the Democratic majority to move against the steel-willed determination of this life warrior with a “we’ll fix it later” promise. The “Fix it” after it is over is like saying congress will voluntarily call back the executioner after the dark deed has already been done.

Ann Arborites, metro Detroit residents and the nation could reasonably ask how can congress call back life once it is taken? How can Speaker Pelosi assure those across the nation who support life as a moral and principled belief that they should rest assured in the situational ethics of Washington or politics? Pelosi has already gone on record as attempting to compromise away the right to life objections as not as crucial to the nation as passage of the Obamacare health bill is.

The President has set a deadline of March 18 as D-Day for passage of the U.S. Senate’s version of the health bill while assuring Americans that the abortion language is missing from the bill. This week in Pelosi’s public weekly briefing she was adamant about abortion language not appearing in the bill.

Well, do you remember how the Democrats accused President Ronald Reagan of practicing “Voodoo Economics” during his administration? As it turns out his conservative economic policies rescued the nation’s economy.

This time around Pelosi’s attempt to practice Voodoo Healthcare Hi-jinks will not work. Congressman Stupak corrected Pelosi’s “Voodoo health care comments by stating publicly, “She’s incorrect. I’d ask the speaker to direct her attention to page 2069 through page 2078. There are two ways in those pages where you pay for abortion. Number one, you get tax breaks that subsidize your insurance policy that will pay for abortion. Number two, when you read the legislation, one dollar per month for all enrollees must go into this fund for ‘reproductive care,’ which includes abortion coverage.”

So while the administration suggests that the Obama healthcare bill would retain existing restrictions on federally financed abortions, it appears in at least two cases in the bill this is not the case. Either someone in the White House did not read the bill or Pelosi hopes to use healthcare hype to pressure Stupak to give up his campaign for life.

Congressman Stupak put it best, "If I didn’t cave in November, why would I do it now after all the crap I’ve been through?”

Let Congressman Stupak know how you feel about his pro-life stand. . Email him at:

D-Day on health care is approaching and the protectors of life in Michigan and around the nation are demanding that the life vote will not be compromised or dismissed. “For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.”

The revolutionary spirit of 1775 lives on.


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  • Nerocat 5 years ago

    We are '..THE PEOPLE..' and we pray that Bart Stupak can stand up
    under OBAMA's constant and never ending game to 'beat him down' and make an example of this great man. OBAMA has use his party to constantly beat up on anyone that opposes him. OBAMA IS NOT

  • Trudy 5 years ago

    Yes. The Health care reform bill is not an abortion bill. It does not change existing law. Without reform, millions of Americans will go without health care. Uninsured women who do not qualify for Medicaid find it difficult to pay for care when they get pregnant, and this lack of care can result in miscarriages, deformed babies and damage to the mother's health.

  • Rev Newt 5 years ago

    It is really sick to deny living, breathing children access to health care out of ostensible love for embryos. Abortion and health insurance are separate issues. Let's provide universal health insurance, reduce preventable deaths of the already born and then work constructively on reducing unwanted pregnancies (crime prevention, education, contraception).

  • Sydney13 5 years ago

    I totally agree with Stupak and proud of how he is listening to the Majority of the American People. STUPAK FOR PRESIDENT!!!!

  • DrPep 5 years ago

    Patrick Henry has died a second death now that you have compared him to Bart Stupak

  • Mark 5 years ago

    Now that we're pushing a few months after "Obamacare" became law, what have we learned?

    We've learned Stupak is a sell-out. We've learned that the Act does indeed fund abortion. We've learned that it still won't cover everyone. We've learned that the budget numbers used to sell the Act were bogus. Most importantly, perhaps, we've learned just how over-reaching Congress has become and how incompetent the Obama Administration really is.

    This November 2010, let's hope for some more change. It's time to throw the bums out.

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