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Should Obama’s FAA regulate your child’s paper airplanes? – government stupidity

Should FAA be able to ground your child's paper airplanes through regulations
Photo credit - Alex Wong- Getty Images

Spring is not far around the corner now that Daylight Savings Time has officially kicked everything forward by an hour. Yet, according to the Blaze, Obama’s FAA may be sending you and your child’s family weekend outing at the park with paper airplanes for a crash landing. This was due to some inane yet typical Obama style regulatory FAA ruling, “A paper aircraft or a toy balsa wood glider could subject the ‘operator’ to the regulatory provisions of [the] FAA… – NTSB ruling,” reported the Blaze.

So what is your two-year-old toddler or seven-year-old grandchild supposed to do when spring is in the air and paper airplanes are ready to go airborne…check the flight plans with the regional FAA office?

It may sound hysterically stupid, but no one is laughing and certainly not the federal administrative appeals judge that struck down the FAA regulation that called an unmanned airplane an actual unmanned aircraft system. In the parlance of the moment most in the Obama White House would regard this as an unmanned ‘drone.’

The NTSB administrative law judge in striking struck down the FAA regulations approached the agency’s rationale as disturbing in giving drone-like status to any paper aircraft or a toy balsa wood glider. He said it would even easily, “include a kid’s paper airplane,” reported the Blaze.

Imagine the possible response by the Obama administration if every child who has an inkling of flying a paper plane in his or her yard could have been subjected to all sorts of regulatory paperwork, fines and even time in the principal’s office.

NTSB Law Judge Patrick Geraghty zeroed in on the ridiculousness of the regulation. He reasoned that it could result in, “reductio ad absurdum in assertion of FAR regulatory authority over any device/object used or capable of flight in the air, regardless of method of propulsion or duration of flight,” according to the Blaze.

So there you have it, your child can smile again and no one has to fear that real drones will be sent out by the Obama administration to shoot their paper planes out of the sky…for now.

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