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Should Mickey the Pit Bull be saved or put to death after attacking boy (videos)

No one wants to put the life of an animal above that of a child’s, but the situation surrounding a pit bull named Mickey isn’t as cut and dry as one might first think. While most people readily agree that if a dog is aggressive, threatens the life of a child, or attacks and causes serious injury, the dog should be put down. What if, however, the dog was in his own yard, minding his own business, and did what most dogs do when intruders enter their domain: defend and attack?

Should Mickey the Pit Bull be saved or put to death after attacking a 4-year-old boy?
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Such is the case with Mickey the pit bull.

Now first, let’s begin by saying that our hearts go out to four-year-old Kevin Vicente, who was attacked after entering Mickey’s yard unsupervised and began handling the dog’s bone. To say that Kevin suffered a “dog bite” would be a disastrous understatement. According to a report by Fox News, Kevin Vicente is looking at long-term physical therapy and reconstructive surgeries. The question isn’t whether Mickey the pit bull attacked, mauled and seriously endangered the little boy’s life. The question is whether he should be euthanized or put to death for the inability or inadequacies of Kevin’s caregivers to keep him on his own property and away from Mickey. The incident occurred on Feb. 20, 2014, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mickey the Pit Bull Latest News and Updates

In Florida, this would be similar to a “stand your ground” case, though these cases are highly decisive and increasingly under fire. However, from a "stand your ground" point of view, you can see that if Mickey was on his own property, securely tied, and minding his own business, he has the right to ‘defend’ himself if he felt threatened.

The difference between a “stand your ground” case and this situation is that Mickey is a dog.

Do you think the fact that Mickey the pit bull was minding his own business, chained and in his yard before the attack should factor into the decision whether to put him to death?

Mickey is currently housed at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC) in Arizona. There is a Facebook page: Save Mickey with over 44,000 members.

Do you believe pit bulls are a dangerous breed? Check out the video above that discusses the current climate towards pit bulls.

There will be a March 25, 2014, hearing to decide Mickey's fate.

Click here to watch a video report showing Kevin Vicente recovering in the hospital.

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