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Should Michael Vick be allowed to play football?


CBS News

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Michael Vick, convicted of heinous acts against animals by running a dog-fighting ring, was just signed to the Philadelphia Eagles, after serving 18 months in jail.  As a result of his crimes, he lost a $135 million dollar contract with the Falcons, but now he will be "awarded" with a $6.5 million dollar 2-year contract with the Eagles.

Vick, having served his time in prison, now says that he is a "changed man," having grown up witnessing older men running dog fights since the age of 8.  Growing up in the projects, he didn't think anything was wrong with that, and he admitted that he "didn't have the courage" to cease his own dog-fighting ring.

If Pete Rose isn't allowed in the NBL Hall of Fame (for merely gambling), then why should Michael Vick be allowed back into the NFL, and earn millions after raping and murdering numerous dogs when they lost a fight?  A fight that he arranged and "trained" them for?  You be the judge.


  • Kristen 5 years ago

    For all those that oppose this article, please note that I am a "Pet Care" Examiner, not an NFL or Human Examiner. I write articles and report issues strictly from a pet standpoint. I do not comment on crimes against humans or anything else but pets. That is not my forte, nor my position here on Thanks to all that have posted comments though; I do appreciate it, and respect your opinion.

  • Jacob 5 years ago

    I understand, but most of the "Animal activist" people make it sound like pets are better than human beings

  • Kristen 5 years ago

    Unfortunately for us, pets ARE better than a lot of human beings... Putting yourself in a place where you get run over by a "friend" comes with some consequences... what went down? Drug deal gone wrong? Domestic violence? What? On the other hand, animals do not lie, cheat or steal... as humans do. I maintain that I am a Pet Care Examiner, and that's it. That is all I comment and write articles about. Thanks for your opinion.